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Blackmoor Timeline By Håvard R. Faanes. Based on materials by James Mishler and Zimriel aswell as TSR supplements. 8000-6000 BC Neathar Tribes, Tangor, Azcans, Dwarves and Giants dominate the Northern Continent(s). On Davania, Elves live in harmony with the forest, protected by spirits and faeries. ... 3300 BC Uther VII of Blackmoor achives ...The earliest cosmetic palettes are dated to 5000 BC and were rectangular. This one was made between 3400-3300 BC and would have been used by someone in the middle classes.

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3300 BC- Egyptian mummies' levels of mummification differed according to rank and cost. More expensive techniques resulted in a better looking corpse. 2200 BC- Stonehenge completed 1523-1028 BC-The beginning of the practice of Ancestor Worship in China during the Shang Dynasty 1323-King Tutankahem is entombed in his now infamous sargophus.The Neolithic Era or New Stone age, was a period in the development of human technology, beginning about 10,200 BC, according to the ASPRO chronology, in some parts of the Middle East, and later in other parts of the world and ending betwee...

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Prehistoric Egypt (10,500 BC) wild grain harvesting began along the Nile River Delta (8000 BC) humans began migrating to the Nile, developing a more centralized and settled society (6000 BC) single-sailed row boats were depicted in Egyptian rock art (4th millennium BC) Gerzean tomb-building began 3rd millennium BC (3900 BC) increasingly dry conditions in the Sahara caused migration to the Nile ...A TIMELINE OF THE ANCIENT WORLD. By Tim Lambert. C. 35,000 BC The Cro-Magnon people enter Europe. C. 9,000-8,000 BC Farming begins in the Middle East. C. 8,000 BC Jericho, the first walled town, is built. C. 6,500 BC. Catal Huyuk, a town in what is now Turkey flourishesOrigins of writing Hieroglyphics c. 3300 BC scribes instructed children in writing, reading, mathematics, algebra & geometry, mechanics, astronomy, medicine and prepared them for governmental service. SOCIETY What are the classes Who is a citizen? What is the role of women? Is there social mobility? Priests, royalty, and scribes in upper class.

3536 BC Great Flood (1) and Methusalah (son of Enoch) dies. 3300 BC Tower of Babel built by Nimrod (1). This is the first city after the flood. But what about "the city of eight" (Kazan) built buy Noah? 3200 BC Egypt unified: 3114 BC Mayan year zero. (3) (The beginning of time for the Maya.) 3100 BC Start of Stonehenge. reverse side of page 2 to create a 2-sided timeline document. 3. 3-hole punch your pages and place within a 1” binder. How to Use Your Timeline Book Look for the oldest date listed in the timeline events on pages 4-7. Mark that date as your first date. Then look for your most recent date within the timeline events and mark that date as your ...

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This video will show the entire history of India from 29th century BCE to 2016. Due to their extreme timescales, the Indus Valley and Vedic periods cannot be shown every year, although every year ...This is a timeline of Italian history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Italy and its predecessor states, including Ancient Rome and Prehistoric Italy. Date of the prehistoric era are approximate. To read about the back ground check these events, see History of Italy.