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English-Swahili dictionary. Use the above search field to enter the word you would like to have translated from English to Swahili. You can also search for words in Swahili as both sides of the dictionary are searched simultaneously. GADISA m Eastern African, Oromo From Oromo gaaddisa meaning "shade". GADISE f Eastern African, Oromo Feminine form of GADISA. GUDINA m Eastern African, Oromo Means "growth, advancement" in Oromo. IFA m Eastern African, Oromo Means "light" in Oromo. LELISA m Eastern African, Oromo From Oromo leellisaa meaning "admirer". It was a green ethereal warrior- more like it's upper half anyways. It had blade-like appendages on it's shoulders, the side of his face, and along it's arms. It's right arm wielded a drill which was coated by fire. It had a pair of glowing eyes along with a pair of extended ears. All of which can be squeezed down into two words. POWER and FEAR. The Oromo Youth Self-Help Association (OYSA), in collaboration with other sisterly associations: the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and the Oromo Studies Association (), has organized a peaceful protest to be held in Washington, D.C., in front of the White House and the US State Department, on Friday, August 02, 2013 to request the US administration put pressure on: Oromo definition, a member of a nomadic, pastoral people of Ethiopia and Kenya. See more.

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Pending pronunciation words in Oromo, help others to learn how to pronounce like a native. >Oromo term for the conquered people was “gabbaro” (those who serve).” >(3) REVOLT OF THE GABBARO IN THE YEAR 1618 >The famous revolt of the Gabbaro took place in 1618, shortly before the Jun 06, 2017 · By: Tullu Liban The change to Qube sequence has gone virial on social and mainstream media this time around. OPDO officials came out on TV screen to deny and or defend the change in a hair-raising … Trying to learn Turkish? We can help! Memorize these flashcards or create your own Turkish flashcards with Cram.com. Learn a new language today. Eebbisaa Addunyaa, the extremely fearless and vocal advocate of the Oromo people, was gunned down in his home, along with his friend - Tana Wayessa, by Ethiopian security forces on August 30, 1996. Ebbisaa Addunyaa was a popular young Oromo singer. Eebbisaa is one of the several Oromo artists gunned down by the Woyane security forces.

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The spelling of words in Creole has been considerably simplified compared to the original French, as demonstrated by the following translations of "We all need to work together to build our future": In Creole, the definite article (derived from the French le, la and les) forms part of the word, so that "the future" is lavenir (as opposed to the ... Oromo’s untold story in Eritrea The aim of this bulletin is not in any way to black mail any organization, but only to share my own ordeal and also send a message to my fellow Oromo youths. It is better to identify myself to all readers than to deeply tell my past back ground. Few years ago, I was a student at Jima University. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jimma Abba Jifar: An Oromo Monarchy Ethiopia 1830-1932 With a Post-Script at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Define Oromos. Oromos synonyms, Oromos pronunciation, Oromos translation, English dictionary definition of Oromos. n. pl. Oromo or O·ro·mos 1. A member of a people ...

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Colloquial Black Speech for Orcs, Trolls and Men ... Words ending in a vowel are pluralized by adding "-z". The verb "to be" is used very seldom. A typical sentence ...